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Three Words That Will Transform Your Career

THE key to have a brilliant career does not exist. However, there are some highly recommenced tips that could be followed in order to succeed: being passionate, acting like a leader, … Here, another point is adressed: help. Maybe, you ignore

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Tips om gelukkiger te worden :)

Gelukkig zijn: Het ultieme doel in een mensenleven. Helaas bestaat dé formule om gelukkig te worden niet. Hieronder tips die u alvast aardig op weg helpen. Ontdek en probeert gelukkiger te worden! Genieten! © Thinkstock Na 15 jaar onderzoek naar geluk, na

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What productive people do during the (work)day?

Productivity: a concept that everyone would like to increase but not at any price. We try to be more productive while having time to go out after our job but we may be rapidly distracted by others, do too much

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Why you shouldn’t care about your “bikini body”

A few months before the summer, there is always a kind of social pressure on girls (and mainly between them) to have the perfect body under the sun. This article gives us a few reasons to enjoy life and not

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The unexpected antidote to procrastination

Most of us are used to procrastinate and/or to postpone an difficult conversation, an action that could generate unpleasant feelings, failures,… This article, from the Harvard Business Review, makes a comparison between these habits and surfers. It offers a new

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