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Three Words That Will Transform Your Career

THE key to have a brilliant career does not exist. However, there are some highly recommenced tips that could be followed in order to succeed: being passionate, acting like a leader, … Here, another point is adressed: help. Maybe, you ignore

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What productive people do during the (work)day?

Productivity: a concept that everyone would like to increase but not at any price. We try to be more productive while having time to go out after our job but we may be rapidly distracted by others, do too much

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7 things you have to learn about being a manager

Being a manager is not always easy, especially when you must manage a team for the first time. This article gathers 7 generic advices to be an effective one. Every situation is specific but bear them in mind, they could

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Eurovision: why Americans can’t afford to miss out on this cultural spectacular

Some European people wouldn’t miss an edition of Eurovision, others find this competition completely kitsch,…but it has the worth to gather during one night singers from the whole (enlarged) Europe and to discover (new) talents. What should American think about

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Failure: a good teacher for entrepreneurs? Yes but…

We hear that, as entrepreneurs, we musn’t be afraid of failure. It is a step and we must be able to rebound on it. We learn from our failures. Yes, indeed. But failure can have adverse effects, especially on our

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