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Three Words That Will Transform Your Career

THE key to have a brilliant career does not exist. However, there are some highly recommenced tips that could be followed in order to succeed: being passionate, acting like a leader, … Here, another point is adressed: help. Maybe, you ignore

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Being Digital Demands You Be More Human

Marketing is everywhere, in our real life as well than in our virtual life. Companies tend to more and more personalize their products, to give a strong identity to their brands, create communities around them,…Consumers adhere to this community so

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Le luxe 2.0, les stratégies marketing web des grandes maisons du luxe

De nos jours, internet prend une place de plus importante dans nos vies, nous pouvons acheter par ce canal, lire nos mails, voyager sur les réseaux sociaux, réserver nos vacances,…Cet engouement toujours plus important pour la toile n’a pas échappé

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Simplified history of value creation

Value creation has changed all over the years, along with technical evolutions, inventions, ideas,…   At this point in history, startup entrepreneurship has become the fastest way of creating value, and thus the fastest way to move upward in life.

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Quand la pub…met le monde à l’envers

Dans notre monde surconsommation, la publicité joue un rôle central pour attirer les consommateurs, rôle d’autant plus crucial que la crise intensifie la concurrence. Le monde du marketing doit sans cesse se renouveler, trouver de nouvelles idées. La tendance actuelle

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