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Being Digital Demands You Be More Human

Marketing is everywhere, in our real life as well than in our virtual life. Companies tend to more and more personalize their products, to give a strong identity to their brands, create communities around them,…Consumers adhere to this community so

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Le luxe 2.0, les stratégies marketing web des grandes maisons du luxe

De nos jours, internet prend une place de plus importante dans nos vies, nous pouvons acheter par ce canal, lire nos mails, voyager sur les réseaux sociaux, réserver nos vacances,…Cet engouement toujours plus important pour la toile n’a pas échappé

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Link between social networks and plastic surgery?

Social media are based on the principle of spreading out a part of our life; pictures, feelings, relationship status, contact information,…Appearance takes a central role and it’s not about who you are but what you look like.  Our virtual like

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One day on the web

Source: Business Insider

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