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Which country has the best positive influence? Poll

Each year, the BBC launches a survey among 22 countries around the world to know their viewpoints on the influence of the others countries. This year Germany is considered as having the best positive influence. It’s interesting to see the

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Arsenic, human hairs,…10 gross ingredients you didn’t know were in your food

People pay more and more attention to what they eat, composition of food. This trend has been reinforced by recent scandals such as the meat of horse that has been found instead of so-called beef meat,…Regulation are increasingly binding and

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What Europeans think of each other

The European Union is a heterogeneous block with a lot of cultural differences, various languages…This diversity could be a force, if well managed, but will never disappear. In this way, European have stereotypes and opinions other European countries. These predjudices

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Why Europe’s Carbon Woes Matter to the Whole World

This is an analysis of the carbon market in Europe, its basis, its failures and its impacts all over the world. Here’s a very strange thing: Europe’s decades-long effort to reduce carbon emissions has been thrown into a shambles because

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